Integrated Mosquito Control Treatment(IVM)

Turnkey projects for control of DENGUE, CHIKENGUNIA, MALARIA in public health departments, corporate sector, IT hubs, Government institute, school & colleges etc.
Holisic approach viz. Environmental, Biological & Chemical method.

Why is Integrated Mosquito Control Treatment?

Mosquitoes ar over simply nuisance pests. They create a major risk to public health by carrying and spreading variety of weakening and even deadly diseases. inside the U.S., West river virus remains the #1 mosquito-borne unwellness rumored on associate annual basis.
Understanding the potential threats from mosquitoes inside your community is vital, and taking a proactive approach to preventing and dominant vector-borne diseases ought to be a public health mission in eachcommunity.
A 4-Pronged Approach to focus on All Phases of the Mosquito's Life Cycle
VDCI is that the business knowledgeable in Integrated dipteron Management programs. These programs embodypublic education, police investigation, unwellness testing, and a spread of management measures, all of that aressential to managing mosquitoes and serving to to stop the transmission of great diseases.