Integrated Housefly Treatment

Eco-Friendly treatments on site at Municipal dumping grouns, street rubish heaps, Urban fruit juice center, animal house, fish/meat market etc.
Eco-friendly treatments for VERMICOMPOST projects at housing societies, industries etc. Eco-friendly treatments for poultry , diary and confectionary manufacturing units etc.
Larvicidal treatments for control of breeding of adult house flies.
Of the thousands of species of flies, solely some square measure common pests in and round the home. a number of the a lot of public nuisance flies square measure the house fly (Musca domestica), the face fly (Musca autumnalis), the stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans), the tiny house fly (Fannia canicularis), and several other species of garbage fly (especially within the genus Phaenicia). These pests breed in animal wastes and decaying organic material from that they'll develop microorganism and viruses that will cause human diseases. additionally, adult stable flies (sometimes known as “biting flies”) prey on class blood and may provides a painful bite.
Because they need sponging mouthparts, house flies cannot bite; but, they'll play a vital role in unwellnesstransmission to humans and animals. House flies function carriers of unwellness agents because of their predilection for feeding on animal wastes, garbage, and human foods. House flies square measure notable to holdmicroorganism and viruses that cause conditions like looseness of the bowels, cholera, unwellness, yaws, dysentery, and eye infections.
Too several flies droning around in your homes may well be a putting nuisance by all means that. they'll be non-biting, however square measure powerful carriers of a good kind of diseases like enterics, dysentery, T.B., epidemic cholera and parasitic worms. These flies prey on human foodstuffs and wastes wherever they'll developand transport varied unwellness agents. Their primary breeding sites embody dung, organic material from food process, organic manure, sewage, accumulated plant materials.
Few forms of flies square measure house fly and mosquitoes, crane flies, gnats, black flies, horse flies, and blow flies. Some four-winged insects square measure loosely termed flies, like dragonflies, caddis flies, and mayflies. however true flies, that evolved from four-winged insects, possess solely one try of wings; some square measureamong the quickest flying insects.

Four ways may be used to attenuate Flies :

Reduction or elimination of fly breeding sites
Reduction of sources that attract flies from different areas
Prevention of contact between flies and disease-causing germs Protection of food, consumption utensils and other people from contact with flies.