Pre And Post Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

Anti-Termite Treatment at various stages of construction applicable in various sectors like developers and builders, coomercial projects, IT hubs, Government, Military and Defense projects etc. For management of termite contol as per current BIS (IS 6313) recommendation.

Pre - Construction Treatment -

This treatment is most vital as a result of your building is stand on sturdy foundation. white ant is often destroying to foundation that cause to break of building. Excel gadfly Management provides full protection to foundation of your building through pre construction treatment. Procedures square measure mentioned clear to you below square measure.
Chemical treatment all sides and face to surface of the muse trenches and pits.
All walls from the muse face to surface level and every one sides until to extent.
Concrete structure of floor treated by the chemicals.
Chemical treatment encompassing fixtures and fittings of the muse.

Post - Construction Treatment -

This treatment is completed once construction of building that applies before and once infestation through the chemical treatment. Excel gadfly Management is providing very best quality long protection anti-termite treatment with extremely trained technicians. Procedures square measure mentioned clear to you below square measure.
Chemical application through the opening by drill machine in floors, brick surface, concrete surface, picket surface etc.
Chemical treatment of all wood furniture, like windows, doors, fittings, cabinets etc.
Treatment of electricity fixtures and fittings through chemicals.
Chemical treatment of previous papers in stores and picket things.
Chemical treatment of all walls from outside areas and within floors.